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          We take "professional quality, excellence" as our tenet, "technology priority, people-oriented, honest and trustworthy" as the business philosophy, to "serve customers, satisfaction" The customer, the customer improvement" as the goal, the product with good quality, good service won the praise of the partners, and thus the cooperation and support of various businesses, formed a good sales environment.
          Since its establishment, the company has been guided by customer needs, respecting talents, constantly improving its own strength and level, and improving service level and quality. We make full use of the team's ability to cooperate, pursue sustainable development, and create high-quality products. The company will strive to provide customers with more satisfactory products and services. We firmly believe that excellent service quality and good customer relationship are the foundation of the company's survival and development. We and...[View Details]

          Customer feedback, so that we have the confiden...[Customer Testimonials]

          Customer feedback, so that we have the confidence to always cooperate!
          Time:2017-10-17Source:This station
          I met with Tenghong in March 2011 and started to cooperate. I still remember that we have been do...

          Tenghong, quality after-sales service[Customer Testimonials]

          Tenghong, quality after-sales service
          Time:2017-10-17Source:This station
          Since the cooperation with Tenghong, I have witnessed the process of a company from small to larg...

          Tenghong is a trustworthy manufacturer[Customer Testimonials]

          Tenghong is a trustworthy manufacturer
          Time:2017-10-17Source:This station
          I have been a partner with Tenghong for many years. With so many years of business, we have becom...
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